Reporting a Pothole

For a Kansas highway in the Kansas City Metro Area: (Shawnee Mission Parkway is a Kansas highway)

To report a pothole repair on any Kansas highway in the Kansas City Metro Area, including Johnson, Leavenworth and Wyandotte Counties, please call the corresponding KDOT phone number listed below. This includes potholes located on Kansas highways which are denoted by an I-#, K-# and US-# (i.e. I-435, K-7, US-69).

When reporting a pothole location, please include the county, highway number, nearest local cross street or interchange, direction (i.e. northbound, southbound, eastbound, westbound), lanes impacted (i.e. right lane, center lane, left lane, shoulder), and your phone number (for after hours calls only, in case we have questions).

KDOT - Johnson County Highways: 913-764-0987
KDOT - Leavenworth County Highways: 913-721-2960
KDOT - Wyandotte County Highways: 913-721-2960

Please Note: The KDOT phone lines are answered during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. For calls after hours, please leave a detailed message, including the information listed above.

For streets located in Fairway:

Shawnee Mission Parkway is a Kansas highway and potholes are to be reported to KDOT - Johnson County Highways at 913-764-0987

To report a pothole on a residential Fairway street contact the Fairway Public Works Department at 913-722-2822.