American's With Disabilities Act Transition Plan

Approved by the Fairway City Council on May 10, 2010

In 1990, the Federal Government enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"). Title II of the ADA requires public entities that employ 50 or more people to develop a transition plan, which outlines the steps and schedule for making facilities accessible to individuals. The City of Fairway, Kansas ("City") does not employ fifty permanent employees. Nevertheless, the City has elected to undertake a transition plan ("Plan") because several significant changes to facilities operated and used by the City have recently been contemplated.



The purpose of the Plan is to ensure that the citizens of Fairway are provided full access to the City’s programs, services and activities in as timely a fashion as is reasonably possible. The City's elected officials and staff believe the ability to accommodate disabled persons is essential to good customer service, the quality of life Fairway residents seek to enjoy and to effective governance.

To view the City of Fairway’s ADA Transition Plan, click here


ADA Grievance Policy and Procedures

This Grievance Procedure is established to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("ADA").  It may be used by anyone who wishes to file a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of disability in the provision of services, activities, programs, or benefits by the City of Fairway. The City's Personnel Policy governs employment-related complaints of disability discrimination.

The Grievance Policy and Procedures document is included at the end of the ADA Transition Plan but is also available by clicking here. This document includes the ADA Grievance Form.

For more information, please contact City Hall at 913-262-0350.