The Visioning Survey was emailed in June 2013 to all residents enrolled in the city-wide email program.

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Mayor Wiley stated in his January 2013 Mayor's Letter in the Focus on Fairway newsletter: "A prerequisite to the planning process requires 'Visioning' to help identify the expectations of our residents and define the role your municipal government must assume to meet those expectations in a fiscally responsible and transparent environment. 'Visioning' helps everyone focus; 'Visioning' builds consensus, fosters understanding, and guides our community in selecting what road to travel."      

The following recurring issues continue to occupy our planning efforts.

  • Stormwater
  • City Hall - rent versus build (the seven-year lease for City Hall will expire in September 2015)
  • How the City of Fairway can best support the Shawnee Indian Mission
  • Park and Pool Master Plan
  • Public Works projects
  • YOUR ISSUE - Add YOUR ISSUE to the list!

This Visioning effort will support the broad Vision Statement set by the Fairway Governing Body in 2010: 

"Fairway is recognized as a highly desirable, safe residential community characterized by strong neighborhoods, well maintained infrastructure, local businesses and located within the full-service metropolitan area."

The Mayor and City Council encourage all residents to participate in the Visioning process. Please feel free to send your thoughts and ideas, click here for email. Your comments will be forwarded to the Mayor and City Council.