Pool House Rental Options

Pool House Rental

The Pool House has tables and chairs to accommodate the 58-person capacity, as well as 2 private bathrooms.
During the pool season, the Pool House is available for rentals Friday from 5:30-7:30pm and Saturday-Sunday from 12:30-2:30pm, 3:00-5:00pm and 5:30-7:30pm. Pool House rental times open for the summer season on April 1st. 
During the non-pool season, the Pool House is available to rent from mid-September through the end of October and from mid-January through the end of March. The snack bar area may be added to serve as a caterer’s kitchen. In addition to the Pool House, the Trellis area may be added to provide outdoor space during the non-pool season. Smoking is prohibited in any building and within the swimming pool complex, including the Trellis area.

Hourly Fee (minimum of 2 hours): $40
*Hourly fee does not include pool entry for renter and/or guests during the pool season. All guests ages 3 years and older, even those that do not intend to swim, will be required to pay the regular entry fee rate of $6.00 for Fairway residents and $9 for non-residents.
If renters would like to pre-pay for their guests, please contact Brice Soeken (bsoeken@fairwaykansas.org) by noon on the Thursday before your rental with your final headcount. The pre-payment rate is $6.00 per person (no residency restriction). No refunds will be given. On the day of your rental during normal open hours, the renter must pick up pre-payment vouchers at the pool front desk. The renter will distribute vouchers to their arriving guests for entry to the pool. If the pool closes due to inclement weather before your rental begins, a reschedule date will be coordinated with the renter. 
Non-Pool Season Rental Add-Ons
-Snack Bar (off season only): $25 flat fee
-Trellis Area (off season only): $25 flat fee
-Temporary Alcohol Permit (off season only): $80 for Fairway residents, $100 for Non-residents