General Business Information

All businesses operating in Fairway are required to obtain an occupational license.

The City of Fairway has two zoning districts for businesses. 

Neighborhood Business District (B-1)

This district is intended to provide limited retail, service and civic uses to primarily serve adjacent residential neighborhoods.  Uses in this district should be characterized by low-intensity and low-impact on surrounding property.  Fairway is home to several unique and original shops located at the Fairway Shops on the corner of Shawnee Mission Parkway and Belinder.

Office District (B-2)

This district is intended to provide for large-scale office complexes and employment centers as well as supporting commercial and service uses that benefit from proximity to office uses.  The district generally provides a campus atmosphere with edges buffered from surrounding areas, consolidated ingress and egress locations, and connections for pedestrians and vehicles internal to the site.  The Fairway Office Park is located at Shawnee Mission Parkway between Roe and Buena Vista.

If you have questions regarding Occupational Licensing please contact the City Clerk, Abbie Aldridge at (913) 262-0350 ext. 5200.

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