Stormwater Level of Service Studies

The City of Fairway, Kansas contracted Burns & McDonnell for a two-phase stormwater study.


Phase One was conducted in 2014 and the purpose was to identify the level of service currently provided under “flash flooding” conditions at the following


• Windsor Box Culvert

• Mission Road Bridge

• Sheridan Drive Crossing

• Residential properties along Rock Creek that were within the 1% floodplain as indicated by the

2009 LOMA list, in comparison to the provided Low Adjacent Grade of the property


Phase One Study document.


Phase Two was conducted in 2018 and the purpose was to investigate potential solutions to alleviate flash flooding along Rock Creek within the City of

Fairway. Three alternatives were evaluated: two potential solutions proposed stormwater storage upstream and one alternative proposed modifications to the Rock Creek channel conveyance within Fairway. While none of the alternatives afforded a definitive solution, the alternatives for stormwater detention upstream have been dismissed as viable strategies for stormwater management.


Phase Two Study document.