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Since 2009 the City has been utilizing the “City E-mail Program” to provide communication between the City and its residents, in a timely, cost effective manner. The quick registration process will allow you to stay up to date on everything “Fairway”.

Upcoming meetings, crime alerts, storm damage brush collection, street closures and Parks and Recreation activities are just a few examples of the information we will be communicating via e-mail.  

Here are a few important things to consider:

• The City E-mail Program is Voluntary. You can start or stop receiving e-mails whenever you choose. Simply click on a link at the bottom of a City E-mail to update your profile or unsubscribe.

• The City is using a third-party called Constant Contact for the e-mail service.  Both the City and Constant Contact are committed to preserving your privacy.  Your information will be treated as confidential information; your e-mail address and contact information will not be sold or shared.

• You’ve got options! There are a number of “interest” lists (see descriptions below) to choose from. Choose one or all; you will not receive duplicate e-mails in your inbox.

Subscribing is easy. Click on the link above and complete the enrollment form selecting your "interests". Here is a list of the “interests” to choose from (note the bullets below each interest group are only examples of possible topics):

• ALL E-mails
-You will receive ALL City e-mails, except Ward specific news 
(you must check your Ward box separately). 

• General City Information
-City Press Releases
-Voting / Election Information
-Sanitation Collection Reminders

• Administration and Finance
-Meeting Notices
-City Budget Information
-Dog License Reminders

• Police
-Crime Alerts

• Public Works /  Floodplain / Tree Board
-Road Closures
-Activation of Storm Damage Brush Collection
-Construction Updates
-Future Projects

• Parks & Recreation
-Upcoming Special Events
-Program Information and Deadlines
-Pool News

• Building Inspections / Code Enforcement / Planning Commission / Board of Zoning Appeals
-Code Enforcement Reminders
-Building Permit Information
-Property Maintenance Issues/Reminders

• Ward Specific News
-From time to time, City Council Members may have information they want to send to their specific Ward. If you would like to receive information relevant to your Ward, you must check the box of your Ward. If you do not check a Ward box, you will NOT receive the Ward specific e-mails. To view the Ward Map, click here.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact City Hall at 913-262-0350.  

Thanks for your interest in Fairway News!