UMKC Redcone Civil Design Group Traffic Calming Presentation

UMKC Redcone Civil Design Group Traffic Calming Presentation

The City of Fairway worked with students from the University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC) Redcone Civil Design Group to look at potential traffic calming measures on Belinder Rd. After reviewing previous traffic studies and the concerns of residents the students completed a project report with their findings. After a presentation to city staff the students were directed to come up with a conceptual design that included 5 speed humps and a reconfiguration of the island at the south end of Belinder Rd.

Conceptual Design for 5 Speed Humps on Belinder Rd.

UMKC - Redcone Civil Design - Belinder Rd Project Report.

The Public Meeting planned to solicit input from residents regarding concepts for the island greenspace was cancelled due to the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home order. Below are three island greenspace concepts along with a blank island that you can print, draw on to create your own concept, then scan and email your concept to the UMKC Redcone Civil Design Group if you like.

View Island Concept 1 - Includes a pet waste disposal in the top right with additional bushes and a tree with two benches

View Island Concept 2 - Includes a dog waste disposal in the top right, with additional bushes and benches and a tree at the southern end.

View Island Concept 3 - Includes two raised flower beds with a stone circle between the two that includes Fairway's logo.

Previous to Redcone completing their work, the City engaged GBA to conduct a number of traffic studies both before and after installation of temporary speed humps and the Belinder Island reconfiguration.  Below is a link to each of the study results.