Right-Of-Way Permit

A permit to excavate and/or construct within public right-of-way is required and application for the permit shall be made at the Public Works Director's office. At the discretion of the Public Works Director, a separate permit may be required for each separate phase of work. All information required by the permit must be completed prior to the approval and issuance of the permit.

To view all requirements required to obtain a Right-of-Way permit please click here.

Click here to view the Right-of-Way Restoration Manual.

If you have any questions please contact Right-of-Way Specialist Rick Allen with the Public Works Department at (913) 722-2822.



If the property has a right-of -way tree your project may require the installation of protective/temporary fencing (4' in height) that must encompass no less than 75% of the drip line of the tree. Right-of-Way Trees are the trees that are typically located within 10 feet of the curb.

The complete regulations PUBLIC TREE PROTECTION

Removal of a Right-of-Way Tree requires authorization from the City and payment into the Fairway Tree Fund.


All violations of the PUBLIC TREE PROTECTION shall be required to meet the requirements of Section 11-92 Fairway Tree Fund (paying $100.00 per diameter inch at breast height of the tree) and may also result in the administrative fine of not more than $500.00 for each incident.


For work being done on properties adjacent to publicly owned spaces such as parks or greenspaces, an Access Permit is required if the public space will be used to access the private property. *Please Note: The Tree Protection Ordinance applies to ALL trees located in public spaces, not just those close to the street. Violations of the ordinance can incur significant fines.