Zone map of drainage area

Howe / Glenfield Drive Drainage Project

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The City of Fairway is working with consultants to design a project to address the following:

Existing grated storm water inlets along Howe Drive (61st Terrace to Glenfield Drive) and Glenfield Drive (Howe Drive to 63rd Street) have broken asphalt, which is not aesthetically pleasing and could be a safety hazard to people walking and jogging through the neighborhood.

Project Information:

  • Upgrades to nine (9) existing grated inlets along these streets.
  • Partnership between City of Fairway Public Works Department and Redcone Civil Design Group, which is senior-level civil engineering students from University of Missouri – Kansas City and Rockhurst University (licensed engineers provide supervision).
  • The new inlets will be curb inlets and will not have grates in the street (see photo inset).
  • Design will be given to the City of Fairway in May of 2018. Construction will be budgeted for in a future budget cycle after design has been completed.
  • Design will phase construction to maintain street accessibility during construction (block 1 lane at a time where needed). City will communicate schedules to individual property owners for work on their property.

Contact City of Fairway, Department of Public Works with questions (913) 722-2822.

Additional Information about Redcone Civil Design Group

Redcone Civil Design Group completes location studies and 30-50% construction drawings for small projects sponsored by municipalities or other public entities in the Kansas City area. The designers are students in the civil engineering capstone class at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Rockhurst University. The designs are supervised by practicing engineers and licensed faculty. In 2009, Redcone Civil Design Group gained national recognition as one of six programs awarded the National Council for Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) Engineering Award for Connecting Professional Practice and Education.

At the beginning of each school year, the students separate into design groups based on project interest and expertise. The students receive real-world experience and make contacts in the local engineering community, which reinforces concepts learned in the classroom. The municipalities and other public entities receive the 30-50% construction drawings at no cost.