Sheridan Road Bridge

Construction Projects

The City of Fairway has 21 centerline miles of roadway, 42 miles of curb and gutter, storm water pipe, storm water inlets, and sidewalk that the city maintains within its infrastructure.


Mill and Overlay Program

Every year the City replaces the asphalt on several streets through the Mill and Overlay Program. 


The Curb and Gutter Program

There is 42 miles of curbing throughout the City of Fairway that the Public Works Department maintains. Annually the City replaces several thousand feet through its Curb and Gutter Program.


Stormwater Program

The City uses this program to upgrade and replace stormwater pipe and inlets throughout the city.


CARS Program (County Assisted Road Systems) 

The Board County of Commissioners recognized that one of the keys to the success of Johnson County is in its major transportation corridors that connect the cities of Johnson County. In 1983, the Board identified a need for a program which focuses on constructing and maintaining the County’s major corridors.  In response to this need the Board created the County Assistance Road System (CARS) program.

The CARS program provides funds to the cities of Johnson County to construct and maintain their major arterials.  Each year the cities submit a 5-year road improvement plan to Johnson County.  Using a scoring system, Johnson County selects projects and allocates funds. The County pays 50% of the project’s construction and construction inspection costs.  Cities are responsible for design, right-of-way, and utility relocation costs. 

Emphasizing the issue of interconnectivity, only major arterial and some minor collector streets are eligible for the CARS program.  For example, major arterial streets such as Metcalf, Antioch, 119th, and 75th Street are eligible; residential or local streets are not eligible for the program and are the responsibility of the cities. Types of projects eligible for the CARS program are: Capacity Improvements (additional lanes), Major Maintenance (overlays, patching), System Management (intersection improvements, traffic signals, turn lanes), Bridges (replacement or rehabilitation), and Route Enhancements (sidewalks, bike paths, lights.)


The City uses this program to get county funding for half of a project on CARS eligible routes. The CARS eligible routes in Fairway are:

  • Mission Rd. from 53rd to 63rd
  • 53rd from Buena Vista to Belinder
  • Buena Vista from S.M.P. to 53rd
  • Roe from 59th to 63rd
  • St. Park Rd. from S.M.P. to Belinder
  • 63rd from Reinhardt to Mission Rd.