Budget 2022

The 2022 budget was approved by the Fairway City Council on September 9, 2021. 


  • Flat mill levy – The 2022 Budget holds the mill levy flat for the sixth consecutive year.
  • General Fund Budget – The 2022 General Fund Budget is $5,133,383 which is a 2.91% increase from the 2021 Budget. A substantial amount of this increase is due to a higher budgeted transfer to the CIP Fund.
  • Reserves –The City’s total unrestricted reserve is will be $851,756 in 2022 and is split between the General Fund and the Equipment Reserve Fund. This plus the $110,000 Contingency budgeted in the Administration Department totals 20.08% of the 2022 General Fund Budget. In 2018, the City updated its General Fund Reserve guideline from a minimum of 10% to a recommended 20% (excluding the Contingency). Achieving the higher reserve will be a multi year effort.
  • Salary increases – The 2022 Budget includes a 4% merit based salary increase for full-time employees.
  • Health Insurance – Overall, health insurance costs increased by 6-8% with various plan offerings continued.
  • Transfer to Equipment Reserve Fund – A $10,000 transfer from the General Fund to the Equipment Reserve Fund is currently budgeted to build a reserve for CIP equipment purchases.





Capital Improvement Fund Budget

  • There is currently $813,682 in Priority 1 projects in the Capital Improvement Plan. Priority 1 projects include:

Street Maintenance – Buena Vista/53rd St., 62nd. St, Howe, Brookridge and Glenfield Public Works Department – Replacement of one truck, streetlight study, crosswalk Police Department Equipment – Replacement of one patrol vehicle

Parks & Recreation—Pumphouse driveway


2022 Budget Information: