Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste Information

GFL, Environmental Inc recently purchased WCA Waste Corporation (WCA). GFL services the City of Fairway City-wide program for trash, recycling, and yard waste. The annual cost of this service is collected as an assessment on the property tax bill.
GFL/WCA: (816) 380-5595 x3 or 

COLLECTION DAY - MONDAY:  Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste  

  • Carts and items at the curb by 7:00 am on Monday.
  • Trash, recycling, and yard waste are to be spaced out at the curb

WCA / GFL observes the following holidays;  New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If the regular collection day falls on the listed holiday, your trash and recyclables will be collected one day late.

MISSED COLLECTION: Any collection issue is to be reported within 24 hours.
Contact GFL (816)380-5595 x3 or on Tuesday.


  • The carts labeled Town & Country, WCA, and GFL are property of GFL and should remain at the residence.
  • Cart with BLACK LID is for TRASH ONLY.
  • Cart with YELLOW or BLUE LID is for RECYCLING ONLY.
  • NO yard waste in the provided carts.
  • DO NOT set items on or around the carts.
  • Proper positioning of the cart; Within 3-feet of the curb with arrows on the cart pointed to the street.
  • Leave 4-feet of space between the cart and other objects such as trees, utility poles, parked cars, other carts, and items allowing access for the lifting mechanism.
  • Please do not place carts in the street/gutter or block sidewalks.
  • If your cart is damaged contact GLF at 816-380-5595 x 3 to schedule a repair or replacement. (Odor is not damage)

HOW TO PREPARE SOLID WASTE (Regular weekly household trash): 
Each residence is limited to 96 gallons of trash each week. 
Trash is to be placed in a tied bag or bagged in a trash can (to prevent blowing). 

  • 65 gallon cart - When using the 65 gallon cart you are allowed to set out one (1) additional 30-gallon bag of trash per week.
  • 48 gallon cart - When using the 48 gallon cart you are allowed to set out two (2) additional 30-gallon bags of trash per week.
  • Using your own can/cart - You may use your own trash cans.  Not to exceed 96 total gallons.

Extra Bag Tags: If you need to set out more trash than the 96 gallon maximum per household per week, you can purchase tags for $1.25 from Fairway City Hall or the Fairway Hen House to affix to your additional trash bags above the 96 gallon limit.  Without the tags your additional trash bags (over 96 gallons) will not be collected. Note: Extra Bag tags are not to be used for construction debris or bulky/large items.

Residents will be allowed to set out more than 96 gallons of household trash (does not include bulky items) at no additional cost on two (2) designated collection days per year.

- The collection day following the 4th of July

- The collection day in between Christmas and New Year's Day

Items not collected in regular weekly solid waste trash:

  • Construction materials or debris, dirt, mulch, and rock.
  • Broken down bulk items. Do not place bulk items in the trash cart.
  • Yard waste must be separated from the trash.

YARD WASTE COLLECTION: Yard waste is to be placed separate from trash and recycling. Accepted materials include: grass clippings, leaves, plants, small shrubs, and limbs (less than 2 inches in diameter). Yard waste MUST be placed in biodegradable paper bags or yard waste cans. PLASTIC BAGS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  If you choose to use yard waste cans, they must be clearly marked that they contain yard waste. Biodegradable paper bags can be purchased from area hardware stores and some grocery stores.  Yard waste cans and bags cannot exceed 40 lbs in weight and must be separate from the trash. Branches must be bundled and not exceed 4 feet in length, 2 feet in diameter, and not exceed 40 lbs in weight. Please do not jam branches and sticks into a yard waste can. No rock, dirt, or mulch will be collected.   


GFL will collection Christmas trees that have been cut into sections no more than 4 feet in length and all decorations and tinsel must be removed. Trees are collected with the yard waste.

RECYCLING COLLECTION:  Collection is commingled (mixed together in provided bin). 
Reminder: - Boxes need to be flattened and large boxes should be cut down.

- What can be recycled with the program?

BULK ITEM COLLECTION: Bulk items include: couch, chair, dresser, mattress, etc. Carpet and rugs are to be cut and rolled in bundles no longer than 4 feet and 2 feet in diameter.
Bulk item collection excludes appliances containing CFCs, hazardous wastes, tires and automotive parts, and electronics waste items such as televisions and computer monitors

GFL will collect two bulk items per month, per home at no charge. Bulk item collection is available on the first and third Monday of each month. To arrange a bulk item collection contact GFL at 816-380-5595 x 3 or Bulk item collection excludes white goods (appliances).  Additional items may be collected for a fee. Contact WCA / GFL at 816-380-5595 x 3 for information.


o Trash carts and recycling are to be placed curbside for collection.  DO NOT set containers in the street or gutter.

o 15 hour rule - Trash, recycling, and yard waste may not be placed out for purposes of collection more than 15 hours prior to the normal scheduled pick up. (4:00 p.m. on Sunday)

o Trash carts and recycling bins are not to be left ad the curb after collection day.

o When stored, trash carts, recycling bins/carts, and yard waste are required to be screened.  All containers and bins shall be screened or otherwise located so as to not be in view of persons using public streets or walkways.

Additional Recycling & Disposal Options 

(For a variety of materials: bulky waste, constructions debris, large branches/brush not taken at the curb, electronics, etc.)
Visit the Johnson County website for disposal options.


Composting Collection Options
Visit the Johnson County website for composting options.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

For information on hazardous waste, contact Johnson County Department of Health and Environment, 913 715-6907 or click here.