Building Permits

Effective May 21, 2024

New home construction and demolition of an existing structure will be required to be fenced.  Ordinance 1805  Construction fencing should be at least seventy-two inches (72") and no more than eighty-four inches (84") chain link metal fence overlaid on the exterior with a vinyl screen.


Before You Start Your Project

Before starting any building project, you need to be in compliance with all City, County, State, or Federal regulations pertaining to grading, flooding, drainage, water, sewer, zoning, driveways, and right-of-ways. Be sure to contact City Hall for information about who to contact, possible restrictions, and/or other requirements when planning any construction project. The majority of projects in Fairway are residential and, therefore, must comply with the R-1 zoning standards.

The homeowner is responsible for ensuring that the proper permits are obtained. The owner, contractor, or authorized agent may complete and submit the Building Permit Application.

New Homes, Additions, and Exception requests require Planning Commission approval.
Variances are heard by the Board of Zoning AppealsPlease note:  BZA and PC applications and plans must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the meeting date.

Applying for a BUILDING PERMIT

Building Permits are available to be processed in person or by email with payment by phone. If you are able to process your business with the City remotely, please do so. This is to reduce walk-in traffic and help limit the number of people in the building at one time. 

Applications must be completed in full including Total Construction Value and all contact information including sub-contractors with license numbers. Incomplete applications will delay the processing of the application.

Building permits are to be processed by either:

A)   In person at Fairway City Hall - If you are able to process your business with the City remotely, please do so.

B)   Email the completed application and any required supporting documentation (site plan, plans, etc.) to Community Development Director Basil Alani, City Clerk Abbie Aldridge, and Assistant City Clerk Vickie Tillery.

C)    Mail the completed application and any required supporting documentation (site plans, plans, etc.) to Fairway City Hall at 5240 Belinder Rd, Fairway KS 66205.  

You will be notified when the permit has been approved and proceed to payment.
 - Options for Payment:

            - Pay over the phone with a credit card

            - Mail to City Hall at 5240 Belinder Rd, Fairway KS 66205

 -  Once payment has been processed and the permit has been printed you will be instructed to pick up the permit card to be posted at the property. 

No work is to take place without an issued building permit card posted at the property. Work without a permit will result in a STOP WORK order and TRIPLE the permit fee.

Building permits are required for many reasons including:

  • To protect you, your family, friends, neighbors, neighborhood, and property values
  • To ensure that the work performed on your property is safe, that it meets environmental standards, and complies with City zoning and construction codes
  • To protect your property investment and to minimize liability or problems during a future sale of your property 


If the property has a right-of -way tree your project may require the installation of protective/temporary fencing (4' in height) that must encompass no less than 75% of the drip line of the tree.  Right-of-Way Trees are the trees that are typically located within 10 feet of the curb. The complete regulations PUBLIC TREE PROTECTION

Removal of a Right-of-Way Tree requires authorization from the City and payment into the Fairway Tree Fund. APPLICATION FOR RIGHT-OF-WAY (ROW) TREE REMOVAL 

All violations of the PUBLIC TREE PROTECTION shall be required to meet the requirements of Section 11-92 Fairway Tree Fund (paying $100.00 per diameter inch at breast height of the tree) and may also result in the administrative fine of not more than $500.00 for each incident.