2023 Go Green Environmental Fair
Saturday, September 23rd, 9:00 am to Noon
Powell Community Center
6200 Martway St, Mission KS 66202

More information will be posted as it becomes available.



Easy ways to act sustainably in Fairway

  • Want to recycle more, but don’t have enough space in your bin? Request a bigger recycling bin for free by contacting GFL. or call 816-380-5595 x3.
  • Tired of all those plastic bags going to waste? Drop them off at the Fairway Hen House for reuse.
  • Looking to compost but no where to store it? Consider signing up for curbside composting
  • Looking to have a tree planted? The City plants trees in the right-of-way. Contact the Public Works Department for more information.
  • Looking for a cleaner way to travel? Consider riding your bicycle or tricycle around the neighborhood. And don’t forget about JoCo Transit, which links to KCMO Transportation with lots of stops nearby, including a hub in Mission, Kansas. Link to Map
  • Want to plant some native grass or purchase a rain barrel? Get reimbursed from the County’s Contain the Rain in Johnson County program.
  • Interested in renewable energy? Note that in our city, solar panels are permissible.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle. There are lots of places where you can donate gently used items in the metro area.


Resident Spotlight

Name: Hope Krebill 

How many years living in Fairway? Approx. 20 years 

Tell us what "sustainability" means to you? Implementing small changes to decrease our impact on the environment. 

We understand you compost at your home. Can you tell us what that is like and any tips for neighbors considering composting? We have composted most of the time that we have lived in Fairway. Composting requires brown matter (leaves or shredded newspaper), green matter (vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells, etc.) and water. We chose a closed system that is barrel shaped and can be easily turned. In addition, we have an extra plastic trash can that we bore holes in the bottom and has a lid for additional composting. We save our leaves each fall to act as the brown matter, which we add whenever we add the green matter. The water comes naturally with rain. The best location for composting is a shaded spot, luckily, we are the city of trees, so easy to find a location. When the compost starts to look like soil (dark and rich) it is ready to use. When the compost is ready, we place it onto our yard and gardens – which has really helped to amend the soil. To learn more about composting see:

What other small actions should Fairway residents consider in and around their home if they hope to live more sustainably? There are small actions we can all take to help our environment that do not take much effort on our part, like turning off the water while brushing teeth and taking advantage of our recycling program. We have placed native plants around our yard to decrease our water use for our landscaping. In addition, we have added trees to our yard, we looked for trees that were native and added biodiversity:

The City’s Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability is core to who we are as a City. Check out our Mission Statement and Comprehensive Plan.

  • Back in 2012 the City began installing LEED bulbs in all streetlights, finishing the entire City in 2013. For it’s ingenuity, we received an award from the local APWA chapter.
  • At the pool, we encourage attendees to consider where their trash is going with signage and recycle bins. We sell reusable cups/popcorn bins and are investigating ways to include compostable paper goods.
  • At the Shawnee Indian Mission, there are Spring, Fall and Creek Cleanups held on a yearly basis.


New Construction in Fairway


Fairway’s Environment

Brush Creek runs through Fairway. - Check out this resource that shows soil, watershed, stream and lakes in Fairway 


To submit ideas on how Fairway could become more sustainable, complete and submit this online form