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Report a Code Violation: Trash or debris, Abandoned/non-licensed vehicles, Overgrown grass/weeds, Illegal dumping, Building without a permit, etc.  Please note that in order to process a code violation complaint we need the specific location (property address) of the violation so that a case can be opened prior to sending the inspector to investigate.

Note: The City of Fairway may not use code violation documentation that was obtained by trespassing, entry without permission, or other illegal means. In general, violations should be documented from public property (streets and sidewalks) or from abutting property with the permission of the abutting property owner. Property owners have a right to privacy and photos or other documentation should never be taken through windows of the home at which the suspected violations exist nor should a homeowner's or resident's reasonable expectation of privacy be violated in any way when attempting to obtain documentation.


Report a streetlight out or Street repair/potholes (Note: Shawnee Mission Parkway is a Kansas Highway that is maintained by KDOT click here).

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