Garage Sale Guidelines

What is a garage sale?

“Garage Sale” is defined as the sale of any goods which is conducted on or about the premises of a private residence by an occupant of the premises, which sale is open to the public. This includes all sales entitled “garage sale,” “lawn sale,” “rummage sale,” ”sample sale,” “flea market sale,” “basement sale,” “porch sale,” “yard sale,” “estate sale,” “moving sale” or any similar casual sale of tangible personal property.

Who may conduct a sale?
At least one of the persons conducting each garage sale must be a resident of the premise on which the garage sale takes place. Exception for estate sales when the property owner is no longer available.

How often may I hold a sale?
You may hold two sales per calendar year at your home. If neighbors join in holding a sale, then that sale shall be considered to have been held for each and all such persons. Each of the two sales may last up to five consecutive days. There must be at least 30 calendar days between sales. No permit is required.

If I display sale items outside, are there restrictions?
Yes. It is unlawful for any person to display items for or conduct a garage sale in any place other than a dwelling unit, garage, accessory use building, driveway or front yard. 

Are there limits on where I may place my garage sale signs?
Yes. You are allowed one sign on the property conducting the sale for the duration of the sale. This type of sign shall not exceed six square feet in area and four feet in height. In addition, you may place up to four similar signs in other locations pointing to your garage sale provided that these signs are located on private property with the property owner’s permission; provided that no property shall have more than one garage sale sign displayed at any time. To be on private property, signs must be approximately ten feet back from the curb of the street. Signs are not permitted in street medians or public parks. Garage sale signs are allowed only during the days of your garage sale, not to exceed five consecutive days. The person conducting the garage sale is responsible for removing all signage at the conclusion of the sale. 

Who is responsible for traffic and parking?
The person(s) conducting the sale are responsible for obtaining appropriate parking signage for the street so as not to block the flow of traffic. Temporary No Parking signs may be checked out during the office hours of 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday, at the Fairway City Hall located at 5240 Belinder Rd. There is a three dollar ($3.00) cash deposit per sign that will be refunded to you when the signs are returned within thirty (30) days of the checkout date. If you have questions regarding No Parking signs contact the Fairway City Hall at 913-262-0350 x0.

Is there a penalty for violating these regulations?
Yes. Failure to comply with the garage sale and/or sign ordinance constitutes a violation and a ticket can be issued.

If I have questions, who can I call?
Contact City Hall at 913-262-0350 x0

Click here to view the Fairway Municipal Code - Garage Sales