Public Tree Protection

The Public Tree Protection Ordinance protects all trees located in the public right-of-way (ROW) (approximately 10 - 12 feet of the curb, varies by street width as the ROW is typically measured 25 feet from center of the street) along City Streets, green space and parkland.

The ROW trees are public property and are maintained by the City. Chapter 11 of the Fairway Municipal Code outlines the regulations protecting public trees. 

The complete regulations PUBLIC TREE PROTECTION

Removal of a Right-of-Way Tree requires authorization from the City and payment into the Fairway Tree Fund. 

Unauthorized removal of a ROW tree, failure to install protective fencing prior to construction, and any activity or action that may damage the ROW tree or root system is a violation of the Fairway Code.  

All violations of the PUBLIC TREE PROTECTION shall be required to meet the requirements of Section 11-92 Fairway Tree Fund (paying $100.00 per diameter inch at breast height of the tree) and may also result in the administrative fine of not more than $500.00 for each incident. Also, the property owner is then responsible for all future care of the specified right-of-way tree.

Right-of-Way Trees No Longer Maintained by the City