Google Fiber in Fairway

Google Fiber in Fairway
 (Update from Google Fiber on 6/16/2016)

Over the past several months, Google Fiber has run many miles of brand new fiber optic cables throughout our city. They have now brought their fiber network to the streets in our neighborhood. 

What’s next?  If you live in a single family home and signed up for service, they’ll bring a fiber connection from the street to the side of your home. Here are some things to look for:

  • Communications: They will be placing a note on your home prior to beginning any construction so you are aware of what to expect.
  • Locates: Markings will be placed outlining where utilities are in order to avoid interrupting other utility services.
  • NIU Drop (Network Interface Unit): A technician will be installing your NIU box on the side of your home.  (Once utility locate markings appear, you should see an installation within 2 weeks.)
  • Quality Control: Once the drop is placed on your home, another technician will do a quality control check.

Once Google Fiber has confirmed that your fiber connection is ready, they’ll contact you to schedule your in-home installation appointment. Please make sure that you regularly check the email address associated with your Google Fiber account to receive our updates related to your installation.

Google Fiber’s goal is to minimize any disruptions in your neighborhood, so please encourage your neighbors to reach out to them at (877) 454-6959 or email with any construction related concerns. You can also learn more on their website,



Starting soon, Google Fiber will be posting doorhangers in their construction area.  To view the doorhanger click here.  

If you have any questions or concerns about construction in your area, please contact 
Google Fiber - Construction Phone Line (877) 454-6959 

For questions about Google Fiber service visit 
or call the general Google Fiber Customer Service Line at (866) 777-7550.

Google Fiber Offering 
(information provided by Google)

What is Google Fiber?
Google Fiber is offering an Internet connection speed that’s up to 1,000 megabits per second, along with TV service. Internet service will be available for both residential and small business customers.

What is a Fiberhood?
We build the fiber network in areas where people want it. Cities are grouped into small communities we call fiberhoods. You can get Fiber if enough people in your fiberhood show interest. 

Why is there a deadline?
Getting Google Fiber works a little differently than you might expect. We can only bring it to your fiberhood if enough of your neighbors want it too. Check the status of your fiberhood on our website and make sure to sign up before your deadline.

Where can I find out more information about Google Fiber?
To receive the most current updates, visit the Google Fiber homepage at  You can find answers to frequently asked questions and can check your address to find out when Google Fiber is coming to your neighborhood. You can also call Google Fiber's customer service team 24/7 at 866-777-7550 for residential customers or 855-418-8326 for business customers.

Google Fiber Construction (information provided by Google)

Who do I contact with questions or concerns about Google Fiber construction work, or if my property is damaged due to the construction work?
Please contact Google Fiber at 877-454-6959. 

What can my community expect while Google Fiber is building?
Google Fiber is building an entirely new fiber network from scratch. We’re installing a brand new, state-of- the-art fiber optic infrastructure. All this heavy lifting gets a little messy. You may notice our crews digging underground to bury cables and climbing utility poles to attach cables.

Why are you in my yard?
A lot of the network we build is placed within areas called easements or rights of way, which are next to or across from private property. We work with local authorities to obtain the rights to use these locations (think lawns, sidewalks, etc.). Once construction is done in your area, we’ll be sure to restore any disturbed areas as close to their original condition as possible.

How long will this take?
We build on a staggered schedule, so you may notice we’re in several neighborhoods at once. We hope to complete construction within a couple of months of entering each neighborhood, but sometimes those time lines become longer due to circumstances outside of our control like weather, equipment issues, etc.

Will I get Fiber once construction in my neighborhood is done?
Google must place fiber in an entire neighborhood before we can “light up” the fiber. Then we can start pulling fiber to individual households in our service area. Because of this, installation to eligible households could occur weeks to months after the initial fiber is laid. Visit, check your address, and sign up to receive email updates.

For general City of Fairway questions and answers see below:

When will Google Fiber begin work in Fairway? Google Fiber has provided all necessary documentation to obtain City/Public right-of-way permits. In June 2014 Google began working in the northern area of Fairway and will now continue their network throughout the City.

Does Google Fiber have a Franchise Agreement with the City of Fairway? In September 2013 the City of Fairway signed the agreement with Google Fiber.  The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) has approved Google Fiber for services in several Kansas City area cities. Pursuant to Kansas State Statute, given the KCC approval, the Fairway City Council approved a letter of notice of video service provider fees and related requirements, including a right-of-way agreement stating that they must comply with the City's right-of-way ordinances.

Why can Google Fiber install facilities on my property? A utility has the right to maintain and install their utility in the City/Public right-of-way (front of property) and utility easements (back of property).  A homeowner has to provide them reasonable access to those easements to maintain/install their equipment.

What is the right-of-way?
In general, City/Public right-of-way is an area in which a municipality has the legal right to access and use the area for the benefit of the public. Typically, this would be for transportation purposes (i.e. roads, sidewalks, etc.) and depending on the area it may extend approximately 10 – 15 feet behind the edge of the street or curb. 

What is a utility easement?
A utility easement is an area in which a utility has the legal right to access and use the area to construct new or maintain existing utility infrastructure. Utility easements can be located adjacent to right-of-way, but typically are located along property boundaries. Typical utility easements are 10 – 20 feet in width.

What kind of restoration does Google Fiber do after they are done digging?  Google Fiber first compacts all the dirt back in to the holes and then Google Fiber places the original sod back in the holes.  After the construction is complete Google Fiber will send out a restoration crew to restore any disruption of the right-of-way.

What if my flower bed or garden is in utility easement and is in the way of construction?  Google Fiber will try to avoid going in this area.

I have an in-ground sprinkler system and keep my dog in the backyard during the day. I am concerned about these two items. Who do I contact? Please refer to the door hanger you received and contact the Google Fiber Construction Phone Line at (877) 454-6959.

What services will Google Fiber provide and when will they be available in Fairway?  Google Fiber will provide another option in Fairway for digital TV, high speed internet and voice (phone) services.  At this time Google Fiber has not notified the City of a date for when services will be available in Fairway.

For additional construction questions not covered above, please call 
Google Fiber Construction Phone Line (877) 454-6959 

For questions about Google Fiber service visit or call the
general Google Fiber Customer Service Line (866) 777-7550